Subaru Outback

"Go where love takes you."

2020 Subaru Outback
The most adventurous, most reliable, safest, best SUV that features standard Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

from Consumer Reports: The Subaru Outback wagon has a long-running reputation as a smart alternative to an SUV, and the redesign 2020 model carries on that proud tradition. The next-generation Outback gains elegance in its exterior design, while adding comfort and convenience features. It is clear that Subaru doesn't want to stray from its established formula. The redesigned Outback so closely resembles that last two generations that a spotter's guide may be needed to distinguish them at a distance. The benefit to this evolutionary approach is that the Outback has been an impressive performer in Consumer Reports' tests, and strong reliability and owner satisfaction in CR's auto surveys. It needed more power and modern features, and those are the emphasis of this redesign.

Timeline of the Outback (from autoevolution )